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Cocktails at Czech Gala 2016 are sponsored by Kancelář bez Hranic! Come and grab one!

Tomorrow is the big day – Czech Gala 2016 – Chinaski concert! You can still get your tickets at: This year we prepared something new for you – a cocktail table sponsored by our partner Kancelář Bez Hranic. Our cocktail menu includes Mojito, Mai Tai and Cuba Libre. So tomorrow, don’t forget to stop by, grab a drink and mingle around!

Kancelář Bez Hranic helps you invest in real estate market in the Czech Republic. Since the company started, their clients have seen on average 20 – 30% returns on their investments into the Czech real estates.

How does it work? It is easier, than you think. The company will:

  1. Help you choose the right investments based on your needs and expectations
  2. Negotiate the best price and financing options
  3. Perform a detailed inspection of the property
  4. Organize necessary remodeling and touchups
  5. Rent it out and manage it

Everything is done with only 2 signatures and the rest is communicated by email or phone.

Founder and CEO David Pavlík has been working hard on this concept since 2014. How did it all start and what was his motivation?

“My dream was always to get a land in the Czech Republic, where we could build a house for our family. Touring the properties, while living and working in the US, was quite impossible. But my friend, now the co-founder ofKancelář Bez Hranic, had an idea – he toured the properties for me, sent me photos with his professional assessment and prepared a complete report including price comparison etc. I loved his service so much, that I decided to make a business out of it.

Now we have many customers, we are managing tens of properties and we are growing rapidly. If you are interested to hear more, how does it work, stop by at our cocktail table during the Czech Gala 2016 or simply contact us on our web at:

Kancelar Bez Hranic  Kancelar Bez Hranic

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