The Library of Czech School of California offers over 700 titles for readers of all ages.
The online catalog is available at

Library Rules

1. Students of Czech School of California, their parents, and school employees can request books through the online katalog:
2. To search the catalog, use the title of the book, author, publication date, or so called tags. Please contact the librarian if you need help browsing the catalog.
3. You can use the online catalog to reserve your books (use the Place Hold button). A password is needed to place a hold on a book – please contact the librarian to register, and to obtain the password. Parents, please use your child’s name to register and to reserve books.
4. Reserved books will be available within 1-2 weeks before or after class in Palo Alto Myšáci classroom. Please contact the librarian if you prefer a different pick up time.
5. A teacher borrowing books for their class will request the books under her own name and is responsible for returning them.
6. Continuing students, their parents, and school employees can borrow books for the duration of summer holidays. All other books must be returned at the end of the school year.
7. Some library books have a paper library card inside. The library cards are currently not in use. Please leave the card in the book.
8. Please advise your student to use clean and gentle hands when handling the library books, and make sure the younger children do not remove any library stickers from the books.
9. Any lost or significantly damaged book must be replaced by the borrower. A replacement may be the same title or similar, as appropriate.
10. Please do not repair damaged books. Instead, alert the teacher or the librarian to the damage, so it can be repaired with appropriate materials.
11. There are no library fees.
12. Also see information on how to borrow Czech books from San Francisco Public Library
13. Library volunteer contact information: Pavlína Apte: