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Meet the Czech librarian at the San Francisco Public library

The San Francisco Public library currently offers about 400 titles of classic and contemporary Czech literature including fiction as well as nonfiction.

The collection of Czech Books is available on the third floor of the Main Library on Larkin Street. The staff (led by a Czech librarian Jana De Brauwere) would like to find out what titles you are most interested in!

Your suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated! Do not hesitate to contact Jana at 415-557-4430.

The San Francisco Public library is also a place, where we would like to organize fun Czech events and activities for kids and adults. Please follow our Facebook page or our blog for more information in the near future.

Meet Jana De Brauwere

Jana was born and raised in Prague. Moved to the Bay Area in 1998 to follow “the love of her life”.

Earned BA in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College where she earned Dante Award for the highest achievement in the department of modern languages and also tutored Spanish at Saint Mary’s College for a while. Worked in various libraries while obtaining her MLIS from San Jose State University. In Prague Jana studied polygraphy – the art of printing techniques, lived in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Jana currently works for San Francisco Public Library in the International Center and is responsible for Russian and other Slavic languages.

“The San Francisco Public library is an amazing oasis of culture and education. Besides books in many languages we offer variety of programs for children, teens, adults and other population segments every day. I would be happy to give a library tour to anybody who is interested.

One of my main goals is to promote Czech language and culture and make a high quality contemporary Czech literature available to the readers. Come to visit us and borrow books in Czech!“

Here is Jana’s tip on how to request books in Czech from SFPL’s collection and have them sent to a local branch of San Mateo County Library.

  1. Get your San Mateo County Library card ready and navigate to: or on the library’s website under service find LINK+
  2. If you know the title or author type it into the search window. If you want to browse and see what is available in the LINK+ system (which San Francisco Library is part of) type in Czech F and you will get a list of fiction books that you can borrow from our collection.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen and select the branch where you want to pick up your books.
  4. Your library will notify you when the book is ready.
  5. If you have any questions call me at 415-557-4430 or call your local library


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