Art and music class in the Czech language

This is one of our most favorite classes and we are thrilled that this class is back! The goal of this class is to help our youngest students develop their physical, cognitive, social and emotional capabilities in a Czech-speaking environment.

Each session is an hour and a half long and is structured with a focus on language acquisition through the use of Czech nursery rhymes, poems, and songs. An important element is a play-based approach to promote curiosity and discovery. We incorporate games and activities which encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

These sessions are led by our very own Barbora Brehovska, director of education at the Czech School of California. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this class, please feel free to contact her at:

This Spring semester we are offering 2 trial lessons for you and your little one to experience and fall in love with our class.

First one is on Friday, 02/02 at 10am.
The second one is on Friday, 02/09 at 10am.

Both trial classes and the entire semester will be held at the Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto (4000 Middlefield Rd).

We hope to see you there!

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