Our “Broučci” class meets even during the summer break – Join us for free!

For the first time, our youngest students “Broučci” meet even during the Summer Break – ONLINE. During these difficult times, when most of our families can’t travel to Europe to visit their grandparents, we decided to help out a little and offer a free class for their little ones. Our wonderful teacher Blanka Nejedla will guide our students through each class. 

Every Saturday* from 9:30am (PST) our little students explore new letters, sing songs, work on an art project and talk to each other. If you would like to join them for free and try this wonderful new online class, please contact Miss. Blanka directly through email: blanka@nejedli.cz and she will send you additional information. 

* We reserve the right to cancel this class anytime, you would be informed by the teacher.

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