Czech School of California would like to THANK

for monatary donations to
Jana Rochas

Michaela Žučková

Iva Crookston

Petra a Marek Fibrichovi


for creation and maintenance of our website to 
Aleš Plšek

for maintenance of our library to

Blanka Pasterňák

for books and other materials for our library to
Jara Dušátko, Eva Kryška and Anna Najmanová

for purchasing new textbooks for our Mysaci class 
Lenka and Miško Hevery

for lending of the traditional Czech folk costume for our grand opening ceremony 
Nikola Konečná
Jaroslava Kašparová

for purchasing of equipment for our Broucci class to  

Jitka and Petr Nejedlí

for donation/purchase of toys and writing materials to

Jana Chalouhi
Iva Crookston
Jana Santens

for purchasing a Christmas tree for our Christmas party to

Linda Jaňourová-Tang


Please note that the Czech School of California has been granted the 501(c)3 tax exempt status,

and all of the contributions are fully tax deductible.