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Silicon Valley Gives – Letter from our Director

Dear friends,

As some of you may already know, tomorrow is a big day in fundraising for about 1500 local nonprofits: it’s Silicon Valley Gives 2016!

This is an amazing online event hosted by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, that has raised almost $16M from over 30,000 donors since its recent inception in 2014. (That’s a lot of money in not a lot of time!)

I’ve been giving to my favorite local charitable causes these last couple of years on #SVGives day. It makes it super easy to find the causes you care about, and give to them in a frictionless and very impactful way (they’re often eligible for matching grants and/or other prizes during the 24-hr giving period).

This year, I’m actually also participating in raising funds for a nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart: Our Czech School of California. I’m the founder and Executive director of the school, and serve on its Board of Directors as such.

Czech School is California in the process of growing – we are looking for a new, permanent home, and we are expanding our offerings with the goal of becoming a “Czech Center” with a variety of programs, services, and activities for the Czech community and our American friends in the Bay Area.

I encourage you all to go online: and search or browse for causes you care about, and make donations. Even $20 can help a nonprofit operating on a shoestring; I can say this honestly, because I know!

And if you can find it in your heart & wallet to make one more $20 donation to Czech School of California. The school and its children will be very grateful. I haven’t wrapping paper or cookies to sell in exchange for your gift, but I can tell you, firsthand, what a difference it will make to a very special little school.

Thank you, from CSofCA and all of the local nonprofits that will benefit from your generosity!

Yours gratefully,

Michaela Žučková
Founder & Director at Czech School of California

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