To register for the Slovak Classes, please, follow these steps:

1.  Fill out our online enrollment form:

Fall 2017 – New Student Registration Form

2.  For prices please see the following document – Cenik [PDF]

     Payments can be made through:

  • o     CHECK (preferred)– Bring a check for the first class or send a check payable to Czech School of California, 606 Marlin Court, Redwood City, 94065, CA.
  • o     PAYPAL – We also accept the payment using Paypal Form, as a Donation Amount submit the cost of the class. Please note that for payments made via Paypal, a convenience fee of 2.2% will be charged by the Czech School of California.

3. After filling your enrollment form you will receive an email with a confirmation.

Furthermore, the tuition includes many benefits: for example a free family admission to students’ events or a free membership to the School library. For more information, visit the library webpage:  Library

Semester starts on October 28, 2017, and ends January 27, 2018!

Calendar for the semester Fall 2017 CALENDAR

The Czech School of California accepts students on a year-round basis for a pro-rated tuition.  For more information about starting classes mid-semester, please contact Barbora B.: