The Czech School of California Library is located at the JCC Palo Alto and offers over 500 titles for readers and listeners of all ages. The online catalog is available at . No need to register.

Czech School of California Library Rules

  1. Students in Broučci class have an opportunity to borrow a book once a month at the end of class. Details will be communicated to parents by email. For borrowing schedule in Mysaci classes please contact the teacher.
  2. Students can borrow one book at a time. Another book can be borrowed only after the previous one has been returned.
  3. Unclaimed books from Broučci and Myšáci classes must be returned to the library shelves.
  4. In addition, parents of students can borrow one children’s book/CD under the name of the student. This will be marked on the library card with “R“. Please contact us if you would like to borrow a particular book/CD.
  5. Students taking Czech as a foreign language can also borrow books. Please contact Pavlína for further information.
  6. Parents of students and school employees can borrow up to 5 adult books at a time for a period of 3 months. Please contact the library volunteer via email with a list of books you wish to borrow (title and author).
  7. A teacher borrowing books for a class not conducted at the JCC Palo Alto campus may borrow the books under her own name and is responsible for returning them.
  8. Each book has a card. The card must be marked with the check-out date and the name of the borrower and filed into the appropriate Library Borrowing Book. Upon return of the book the library card is simply placed back into the card pocket in the book.
  9. Any lost or significantly damaged book must be replaced by the borrower. A replacement may be the same title or similar, as appropriate.
  10. Please do not repair damaged books. Instead, alert a teacher or library volunteer to the damage, and we will repair the book.
  11. Continuing students, their parents, and school employees can also borrow books for the duration of summer holidays. All other books must be returned at the end of the school year.
  12. The library catalog is at . You can view book covers and basic information about the books, sort them into categories, search the catalog, etc. No need to register.
  13. There are no library fees.
  14. Library volunteer contact information: Pavlína Apte: