I am a graduate of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, where I received my master’s degree in teaching  English and Physical Education. In the USA, I studied English as a Second Language as an exchange student.

After my studies, started teaching both subjects at the elementary and high schools in Prague. Later I was offered a position with the Czech Telecom ( the largest telecommunications company in the Czech Republic) where I worked as an interpreter and a translator. At my spare time I also volunteered to coach an acrobatic gymnastics to the preschool and elementary school children in Falcon sport organization.

After relocating to the USA, my degree was recognized here, and  I started teaching  English as a Second Language to the adults from all over the world who immigrated to the USA via Catholic Charities Non-profit Organization, then I worked as a county social worker for low income families. I am married and live in San Jose.

My hobbies include playing with my rescued dogs, volunteering, skiing, skating, camping, reading, and listening to classical music.