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 phone:  650-556-6980


Helena Cinkova

Vice-President, Director of Fund Development

cinkova -AT- czechschoolofcalifornia.com

phone: 408-427-4972

My name is Helena Cinkova and I have been living in the United States with my husband and two daughters since 1996. I graduated from Charles University in Prague with a double major in math and geography and the teaching thereof. I have been with the Czech School of California from its inception, serving as a board member and a teacher. I am very excited about the school’s mission and am looking forward to its future growth. Prior to working with the Czech School of California, I worked as a language teacher at Berlitz Languages Inc. where I taught the Czech language to non-native speakers. I was also a full time substitute teacher at Morgan Hill Unified School District, and am currently expanding my own private tutoring business. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, being outdoors and spending time with my family.

Barbora Brehovska

Director of Education

brehovska -AT- czechschoolofcalifornia.com

phone: 650-740-9640

My name is Barbora Brehovska and I have been living in California with my husband and our two kids since 2008.I studied Czech language and music at the West Bohemia University in Pilsen. After graduating, I became a Czech language teacher at a elementary school in West Bohemia and also I taught classical guitar at a Music School in Prague. I have been with the Czech School of California from its beginning. My first class was Mysaci in Palo Alto in the fall semester of 2012. This year, I am teaching two Czech language classes, Slunicka and Mysaci and volunteer as a Director of Education. When not working for the Czech School, I like to go camping and hiking or skiing with my family and enjoy teaching the classical guitar play.


Zuzana Hesova

Chief Financial Officer

My name is Zuzana Hesova. My husband and I have been living in California since the year 2000.I studied at the University of Economics, Prague where I received the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Before moving to the US, I worked for the Czech IRS, in the assurance business as an Ernst & Young auditor assistant, and later as an accountant for several public companies. After moving to the US I focused on studying and understanding the US GAAP, worked in payroll, and now I am helping seniors with their tax returns under the TCE program. When not working with numbers I like to go hiking or kayaking and enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients and gardening.


Tereza Knappkova

Graphic Designer

My name is Tereza Knappkova and I have been living in the United States with my husband and two sons since 2011. I have been with the Czech School of California since April 2012 as a Graphic Designer. I studied in Business Academy in Prague. Prior to working with the Czech School of California, I worked in the crosswords puzzles magazines department. I enjoy traveling, photography,creating new and innovative clothes design and being outdoor with my family.


Veronika Vajdova

Parent’s Representative


My name is Veronika Vajdova and I was elected as the representative for the parents of the preschool children group Broucci in Palo Alto for the Spring 2014. I am a big fan of the Czech School, both of my kids are students there and I hope that I will contribute to an open communication between parents and the leadership. I would like to maintain an environment, in which the parent community will remain engaged, enthusiastic, and rich with ideas for children’s events.

I arrived in the US in 1998 in pursuit of a graduate degree in geosciences. After receiving PhD at the State University of New York at Stony Brook I have been working in the oil industry as a research engineer in Houston, TX, and more recently as an engineering contractor in San Ramon, CA. In my free time I enjoy hiking, nature field trips, various sports, and learning about coaching students.


Monika Pavlicek

Monika Pavlicek

Department of Slovak Language Education Representative




ales, secretar

Ales Plsek