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Czech School of California welcomes new teachers!

The beginning of the new school year is just around the corner (starting with our traditional Open House this Saturday, September 16th from 9am) and we are so happy and proud we can introduce you to our newest members of our team today. Both new teachers will be teaching in our pre-school classes “Broučci” – covering our 2 locations in Palo Alto and Orinda.

* Broučci:
Children in preschool age are active and curious. They learn best through play, exploration and hands on activities. Czech preschool class follows the best practice of high quality preschool programs and offers learning through activities centers. The main focus is on building the vocabulary and fluency in Czech. Each week we introduce a specific topic. We explore that topic through pretend game, using real materials and tools, music, dramatic game or arts.

Please note we still have space left in our classes, so if you would like to learn more contact our director Barbora at: or come to see our campus and meet our teachers during our Open House this Saturday!


Helena Soukupová
Certified teacher

Helena is a certified teacher with 2 years of experiences with teaching kids in the Czech Republic. Helena is pretty new to the East Bay area, as she came here only 1 year ago, and she is very excited to be part of such a thriving Czech community.

Helena is very energetic and creative and we strongly believe, that she is going to be a great substitute teacher for Vierka, who was leaving us this summer. Helena was volunteering in Czech School last year – in Orinda and also in Palo Alto. Now she will be together with Tereza Knappkova in our “Broučci” classroom and she will be focusing on music and also on children in Kindergarten age preparation them for writing.

Next small project which she would like to apply in the Czech School is the “Reading buddy program” – which is when older kids read to smallest ones and they build a special relationship together.

Her children – Eliska and Matyas are both attending the Czech School (they will be in 3rd Grade). They like reading in Czech language and also talking about Czech history and Czech Republic.

In her free time Helena is focusing on her Startup – JocoseTie. Because she wants to do something perfect for women and also put together Czech manufacturing, European fabrics and create something perfect for everyday wearing with Czech detail. Her company will be officially starting in Autumn 2017.


Nela Růžičková
Certified teacher

Nela is a certified teacher and will be joining us at our Orinda location. Nela will be working with pre-school aged kids in our “Broučci” class.

She enjoys traveling, fishing and reading good books.

Nela can’t wait to start teaching at the Czech School of California and is hoping to make it a very creative and fun place for the little ones!

We wish both Helena and Nela a great start of the new school year and we will check back on how they are doing and how they are enjoying their class!

Good luck and thank you for joining our team!

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