Czech School of California

Yoga Classes and Yoga Therapy

Today we are sharing a story about one of our amazing teachers, Petra Fibrichova. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. We asked her about her unique approach….

Czech School: “What is your inspiration?”
Petra: “I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. My teaching is strongly influenced by my recently finished 2-year Yoga Therapy studies. Yoga Therapy uses yoga as a healing modality for injuries and stress related and chronic conditions.

Czech School: “Who do you teach?”
Petra: “I teach group as well as private classes aimed at improving strength, flexibility and balance and correcting muscle imbalances and postural issues. I also work with restorative poses, breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and meditation to help my clients calm their nervous system and enable their bodies to self-heal. My special interest is teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, teens and families. I have extensive experience teaching children in a preschool-, school- as well as studio setting. I like to incorporate songs, stories, art, and fun props to keep the children engaged and instill curiosity about their bodies and minds.

Czech School: ” How can we get in touch with you?”
“You can follow me on my Facebook page Mindful Child Yoga. To book a session with me you can also contact me at or at 510-520 4523. I also offer gift certificates for private Family Yoga or individual Yoga Therapy session.

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