Czech Psychologist – PhDr. Petra Bartonova, Ph.D.

Petra is clinical psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist with more then ten years of experience! In the Czech Republic, she worked at the Psychiatric and Neurological Clinic in Brno and in the private practice in Prague.

She currently lives and operates in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Petra offers psychological counseling, psychotherapy and crisis intervention in the Czech language for adults and children.

Consultations are available through Skype / FaceTime / Hangout or in person depending on the individual needs and agreement.

Contact information and appointments:


cell phone: (650) 772-9968


Speech and Language Therapist Martina Kolmanova

Martina is clinical speech and language therapist from the Czech Republic. She currently lives with her family in SF Bay Area and offers diagnostics, treatment and prevention of communication disorders for children and adults. She has more than ten years of experience with children with special education needs.

Speech therapy begins with initial diagnostics of communication and continues with therapy sessions usually twice a month. Therapy is provided in the following areas:
  • speech – including articulation and respiration
  • comprehension and expression – improving grammar and building vocabulary

Consultations are available in person through Skype depending on the individual needs and agreement.

Contact information:
cell phone: 408 329 2836