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Meet our Christmas party partner – Jocose Tie

Mark your calendar and join us for our annual Czech School of California Vánoční párty (Christmas party) full of Czech Christmas cookies and carols. Kids from our school will perform a play “Budko, budko” this year. Registration is open to everyone, so grab your friends and show them some Czech Christmas traditions! (Free for Czech School of California families, others $10 per family.)

Get your tickets at

We are proud to announce that this year’s Christmas party raffle (one raffle ticket included in admission) will feature many Czech businesses. And one of them is also Jocose Tie – ties and bowties for women handcrafted in the Czech Republic. You will also get a chance to buy Jocose Tie’s first limited edition at the party and 20% of all those sales will be donated to our school!

What more – from now on Jocose Tie will always donate 20% of your purchase price to our school. Simply use the special code “czechschool” at Jocose Tie website at check-out:

We fell in love with the fun ties right away, so we asked one of the owners, Helena Soukupova, couple questions today.

Tell us about Jocose Tie.

Helena Soukupova: Jocose Tie is a small company of women established in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to create uniquely designed bow ties and neckties for ladies and their children and in future, we want to create also special editions for men. We handmade our accessories in Moravia and we are using just English 100% cotton fabrics, lace, and sateen.
For us “original style” is about quality, personality, and exclusivity. Our passion for detail makes all the difference as we aim to evoque an individual sense of style. We handcraft our beautiful bowties and ties from only the best materials. Each of them is unique and certified for quality.

Where does the name come from and what does it mean?

Helena Soukupova: The name Jocose is a French word and it means funny, playful or cheerful ties. And it is about what we want to do. Unique design with the original pattern. You know life must be happy and also small accessories can make it – changes your feeling about you, about your day.

Who stands behind Jocose Tie?

Helena Soukupova: Two women. Helena Soukupova and Iveta Kudelova. Helena is living in California, she moved here 1 year ago, and because she was also leaving her job in bank management and her friend Iveta who is now on maternity leave and she was also working in top management, they were looking for something new, something palpable and real. We decided to handmaking a special accessory for women. Because we are big fans of original accessories for women.

How and when did you come up with this wonderful idea?

Helena Soukupova: If you are working in management than you need to wear every day a costume or business outfit. And you know after 8 or 10 years when you are every day just in this style you feel that you need something change and create your personal outfit. You want to be different in your style. And just the small detail can change the whole feeling of your dress. Effect of your accessory can be huge. And because we know it we want to bring the same to every one woman. Now we wear bow ties and ties also out of work. You can pick them for every occasion. And it’s fun for us.

All your ties and bowties are made in the Czech Republic. Tell us more about your manufacture. Who is creating the different designs? Who is then actually sewing them? Where is your fabric from?

Helena Soukupova: Yes, every one piece in our collection is handcrafted in the Czech Republic in North Moravia. Our great sewing team Iveta, Milena, Míla, and Věra spent whole summer sewing bow ties and ties for our first limited autumn/winter collection and the result is truly worth it… It is the synergy of craftsmanship and ideas, hand sewing, years of experience, unbelievable passion for details and high-quality feeling. Patterns are choosing Iveta and me but Iveta is the first designer in our company and she is in behind of this whole process. Fabrics are from England and we are proud that our laces are from the traditional English company, manufacturers of Leavers laces since 1845.

Is each bow tie unique (“made to order”)?
Helena Soukupova: Every bow tie is just in limited pieces in the collection. Usually about 20 pieces. But we also offered to our customers sew for them they own pattern. Something that they want like a present for family, wedding, their company customers or employee. And we can do it for 10 pieces in your order. So if you want to have your own special personalized collection and also to be a designer we are here for you.

We love to support small Czech businesses. That is why we are excited to have you as one of our partner of this years Czech School Christmas party. 20% of your sales will go back to our School, thank you! But tell us, what did you prepare for us?
Helena Soukupova: We prepare for you our first limited collection. Our neckties and bow ties are in a specially designed Jocose Tie box and it looks really perfect like a small bonbonniere of pralines. And we are also able to personalize every one tie with printing the name of the person who will be the owner of a new tie on etiquette we have the customer feedback that they love it.

Any exciting news coming up in the next year?
Helena Soukupova: We are now preparing a new collection we want to enrich it with children’s bow ties and we are now also thinking about a hobby collection which will reflect a customers hobbies and what they like to do and this edition will be mostly unisex. And everything will be again original and JOCOSE. 🙂

Thank you, Helena, for telling us your story and we are looking forward to see you and your JOCOSE bowties at our annual Czech School of California Vánoční párty!

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