Czech School of California

Our “Help Conserve Nature” volunteers deserve a standing ovation

Applause to our volunteers!

On Sunday, October 19, 34 Czech school volunteers removed 71 5-gallon buckets of trash! 71! Also removed were 15 tires (some with rims!) and 21 large hunks of gnarled and rusted metal – all from the shorelines of Candlestick Point park in San Francisco Bay. Kindergarteners, schoolchildren, parents and friends – thank you!!

Here is the feedback from ranger James who was our group lead on the day: “We can’t wait to have you come back and join us again for a funtabulous adventure. It was totally my pleasure working with such a hard working group. As everyone can clearly see, this park needs lots and lots of help; and the Czech School & Sokol Group is part of the cure! 😊

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