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Peek at our preschool class “Broucci”

Take a peek at our preschool class “Broučci”, where our little students learn Czech language through different pretend plays such as setting up a shop or opening a vet station.

Every Sunday, when our preschool class “Broučci” take place in the beautiful campus of Oshman Family JCC, is different. This last Sunday our little students were exploring different shapes through arts and crafts, building Lego, movement or music.

Don’t you just wish you can join the fun? Well, your kids certainly can! Contact our director of education Barbora Brehovska at: Brehovska – at –

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“Broučci” – Preschool class by Czech School of California

Time: 3 hours, perfect for kids preschool age.

Interactive Czech language class inspired by Montessori theory and the Czech “Začít Spolu” program. Our little students will explore each theme through language itself, music, movement and art.

At the end of each school year kids will work on their own portfolios, will perform a theatre show or a talent show.

The entire class is taught entirely in Czech language and helps build child’s personality and language preparation for school. We emphasize building the vocabulary, expression skills and literary pronunciation.

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