Fees Cancelation Policy

In case of cancellation, refund will be issued for any fees that have been paid in advance provided that:

Exceptional circumstances are in existence (prolonged illness, move to another suburb that makes extremely difficult for attending the school, financial hardship, etc). The school has been notified in writing (hard copy signed by the parent/guardian, emails will not be accepted). Please note that no money will be returned for the already commenced semester.

At all times it is at the school´s discretion to determine the level of refund. The school fees are not refundable when the student is absent from the class unless the above exceptional circumstances are in existence. The school reserves the right to recoup administrative expense from parents who consistently fail to respond to its reminders for outstanding fees. Extension for payment of the fees may be sought from the Principal or by the Educational Committee in writing. A late payment fee of $20.00 is charged on all accounts which have not been paid within 15 days of the prescribed due date.

Student/Parent Handbook

Student/Parent Handbook available in PDF.

Students with disabilities

Czech School of California  is aware of community expectations for students with disabilities and impairments and their unique educational needs as members of society. Our organization recognizes that the development and implementation of learning programs which allow children with disabilities and impairments to learn and be taught requires active and co-operative partnership between school, parents and students.

To provide all students with learning opportunities that cater for their individual needs.


The President shall co-ordinate and oversee the enrollment of students with disabilities and impairment and the implementation of the program. The school will support staff to enable them to access appropriate professional development opportunities.