Czech School of California

Welcome Our New Main Partner – Nadační fond AVAST

Read about our dream coming true and about our new main partner Nadační fond AVAST.

One of the most successful Czech IT companies, Avast – security software company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, that develops antivirus software and internet security services – and it’s foundation will help us build the very first Czech/Slovak center in Silicon Valley.

A place for our school, where we can finally extend our classes for our students. A safe harbor for the Czech community and Czech library. A place, where we can all meet, connect and thrive together.

Our main goal now, thanks to the generosity of Avast foundation, is to find a permanent home for the Czech/Slovak center, that will serve not only the Czech community, but also our American friends in the Bay Area.

Our Czech/Slovak center could offer:

  • Czech School of California – with extended hours and activities
  • Daycare – You know, what they say: “It takes a village to raise a child.”
  • Innovative new courses such as robotics – Give your kids a head start!
  • Czech library
  • A place for Czech meetups, events, art & technical exhibits (Silicon Valley is a very inspiring place with many talented Czechs, who we would like to invite for discussions and various events, so they can meet with our students the community and inspire all of us.)
  • Relocation services for the newcomers to the Silicon Valley
  • Travel services for anyone, planning to travel to the Czech Republic

Everything we do is mainly inspired by our community – and as we see a big demand for classes such as robotics, we work hard to implement these advanced classes to our curriculum starting hopefully at the beginning of next year.


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